Monday, December 27, 2010

Dangerous plastics in the kitchen

Suman Sahai

As endocrine diseases erupt in populations across the world and the incidence of all types of cancers register a sharp increase, surely we need to reflect on what we are doing wrong. The infamous Cancer Express from Punjab, so named because it carries cancer patients for treatment is testimony to the killer impact of chemicals in agriculture which enter our food and damage our health. The link between the chemical load in our food is increasingly better understood today but the food industry manages to keep regulation weak and standards as low as possible.

Take Bisphenol, it is a chemical used in plastic containers used to store food, food grade plastic bottles ( that is plastics approved to be used in food containers) , food cans and feeding bottles for babies. There is growing evidence that Bisphenol is harmful for health. Animal studies show that low doses of Bisphenol have adverse effects on the brain, reproductive system, and metabolic processes related to insulin balance and liver function. It may be related to cancer or even obesity and heart disease. The greatest sensitivity to Bisphenol is during early development and the substance is not flushed out as some drugs are, but accumulates over time in the body, causing damage to health

Despite the evidence, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the US allows the use of Bisphenol in food grade plastics and the plastic industry the world over takes its cue from that and allows Bisphenol to be used in plastic meant for use in the packing and storing of food. Microwaving food in plastic containers is particularly harmful. The plastic bottles that we use to store water at home should not be used and children should not be given plastic water bottles to take to school. Glass bottles are heavier but safer . Heat, detergents and scrubbing can break down Bisphenol and increase exposure. Consumers need to become aware of the dangers of Bisphenol and protest against its use in the food sector.


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  2. Really Informative news. Good Post